General Anaesthetic

Facilites are available at Lingard private hospital for extensive dental work which can be carried out under general anaesthetic.

For example:

  • for small children
  • for patients who would prefer to be asleep for extensive treatment
  • for disabled patients
  • wisdom teeth extraction

A consultation is necessary for the dentist to discuss this treatment with you as well as give cost estimates for the hospital and the anaesthetist. An information pack is provided at the consultation.

What are the costings for treatment under General Anaesthetic?

The cost of the dental work is the same in the dental surgery or under General Anaesthetic. The out-of-pocket expenses for dental treatment will depend on any private dental insurance cover. With regards to the hospital stay u0026amp; anaesthetist costs, we can provide you with the telephone number at Lingard Hospital to check this.

When are General Anaesthetics available?

The anaesthetics are done on Friday mornings. Availabily is usually within 2-3 weeks. You would normally be discharged from the hospital by approximately lunchtime on the day of treatment.

What work can be done under General Anaesthetic?

Usually fillings and extractions – particularly extractions for Orthodontic Treatment. Root Canal Therapy, crowns and bridgework are best done under local anaesthetic or sedation with local anaesthetic, in the surgery setting.

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