Practice Accreditation

Warners Bay Dental is an accreditated dental practice.

What is Practice Accreditation?

Practice Accreditation is a voluntary program, which shows a dental practice meets the requirements of the industry standards. Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) is a premier independent Australian non-for-profit accreditation agency, who provide the accreditation to appropriate dental practices.

As an accreditated practice, we have adopted the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and have demonstrated ‘evidence-based, consistent standards of quality care’.It demonstrates that we have systems, policies and procedures in place to ensure our dentists and staff are providing quality care.

Warners Bay Dental is committed to the Practice Accreditation process as we are committed to best practices and high-quality dentistry. 

Patient safety is of the utmost importance to us. If you have any questions with regards to our Practice Accreditation or our safety policies and protocols, please call Warners Bay Dental (02) 49485233.

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