Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is completely normal when it comes to patients which is why at Warner’s Bay dental we care for all patients and will do everything to help.

We have ways to help ease the mind of our patients including:

General Anaesthetic

Facilites are available at Lingard private hospital for extensive dental work which can be carried out under general anaesthetic. For example:

  • for small children
  • for patients who would prefer to be asleep for extensive treatment
  • for disabled patients
  • wisdom teeth extraction

A consultation is necessary for the dentist to discuss this treatment with you as well as give cost estimates for the hospital and the anaesthetist. An information pack is provided at the consultation.

For more information see General Anaesthetic.

Intravenous Sedation

Warners Bay Dental is now offerring Intravenous Sedation to its patients. This can be a welcome alternative to General Anaesthetic. It enables the patient to undergo treatment in the surgery environment, rather than in a hospital setting.

Patients interested in this service are strongly encouraged to speak with their dentist or our receptionists. IV Sedation can be used for most procedures, and can greatly assist patients who are anxious about undergoing treatment.

For more information see Intravenous Sedation.


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