Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry involves Cerec, Crowns, Fillings, Inlays u0026amp; Onlays.

What is a Cerec?

Cerec is combining digital (CAD/CAM) technology in order to restore teeth.

After preparing the tooth the procedure is as follows:
1. We are able to take digital 3 dimentional images with our cerec camera (Omnicam)
2. Create / Mill the restoration at Warners Bay Dental on site at Warners Bay Dental
3. Finally bond to the tooth all in one day

Cerec means for you, our patients:

  1. Time Saving – only one appointment is needed for cerec Restoration
  2. Convenience – no dental impressions u0026amp; no need for temporary
  3. All Ceramic – All tooth-coloured restoration
  4. Durability – Cerec restorations are supported by long term studies

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