Dental Implants

Dental Implants provide an improved standard of care for tooth replacement.

They closely mimic the look and function of real teeth and are an attractive alternative to dentures and bridges. The implant bonds with healthy bone and provides permanent support for dental crowns and dentures.

Losing teeth may create a change to your smile, affect your ability to chew efficiently and can potentially alter your diet and nutrition. In addition to this, tooth loss can cause bone loss. Implants can stimulate the jaw and prevent bone loss, may prevent gum recession and will avoid the need to compromise healthy adjacent teeth.

A dental implant is a metal “root” that is inserted into the jaw bone. A crown (artificial tooth) is then fastened to the implant by way of an abutment. The implant essentially bonds with the bone, to anchor the artificial tooth to the jaw. They can be applied in a variety of ways.

If you require further information regarding implants or are curious as to whether they may be a viable option for your circumstances. We recommend a consultation with a dentist. Please contact the surgery, and one of our friendly receptionists will endeavour to make you an appointment.

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