What is the difference between Laser Whitening and Take Home Trays?

Laser whitening involves application of a whitening solution which is activated by a light or laser. This conducted in the dental chair and you will see results immediately following the treatment.

Take home trays are specifically made to fit your own teeth and give you more control over the whitening results. It also allows you the flexibility to reapply the whitening solution in the comfort of your own home, when you want to refresh and re-whiten you teeth’s colour.

How long will the results last?

The duration of the whitening results will vary depending on individual dietary habits. Those who smoke or have a high intake of staining foods and drinks, for example tea, coffee, red wine etc, may find that they need to use their at home whitening trays more regularly to maintain results. On average, results may last approximately 6 months before reapplication is needed.

Are there any negative side effects to whitening my teeth?

The main side effect is the potential for increased sensitivity. This can usually be managed simply by using sensitive toothpaste.

What if I have existing fillings or crowns?

Fillings and crowns will not change colour with the application of whitening products. This is why you need to have a consultation with your dentist first to establish if you are a good candidate. You may still be able to use a whitening product, but some adjustment may be needed to existing restorations to help match your teeth colour post whitening and achieve a consistent result.

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