Dental Check Ups

Dental check-ups are very important. Prevention is better than cure.

Many dental symptoms (sensitivity, ache) present late in the disease.

Detection of early disease (ie with a dental check-up) will result in

  • easier treatment (eg fillings vs root canal therapy)
  • cheaper treatment
  • treatment lasting longer (eg smaller fillings will last longer than larger ones)

Also, in a routine dental check-up at Warners Bay Dental you may have a clean. Cleans do make your teeth feel nice, however, the main reason the dentist may clean your teeth is to prevent gum disease. There are 2 different types of gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis. With Periodontitis damage may be irreversible. To prevent periodontitis regular checkups are crucial.

In most cases, dental check-ups are recommended every 6 months (this may vary depending on risk of dental disease). Dental x-rays are usually recommended every 2 years.

Routine dental x-rays help to detect and diagnose disease, especially in between teeth and underneath fillings/crowns.

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